Stylish CSS Buttons with Animations

Here’s a list of animated CSS button designs I’ve made so far.

There are 80 of them, so I’m sure you’ll find a design you like!

Black & White CSS Button

Simple and stylish monotone design. It’s easy to match with any style, so let’s try it on your blog as an accent.

See the Pen Black&White Button by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

Candy Color CSS Button Animation

An assortment of candied buttons.

I used gradients and box-shadow to give it a candy-like texture.

This piece appeared on CodePen Spark.

See the Pen Candy Color Button Animation by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

The following sites are also useful for creating gradients.

Neumorphic CSS Buttons

Neumorphism is the trend in 2020.
There are 16 animations that use Neumorphism, so, please check it out.

See the Pen Satisfying Button (Neumorphism) by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

Neon Effect CSS Buttons

I use text-shadow and box-shadow to make it look as if it is glowing.

Black is the best colour for the background, but even if you use a white background, it will look as if it glows slightly.

See the Pen Neon Button Animation by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

Soft UI CSS Buttons

Soft UI is also tend in 2020.

I applied the neumorphism shadowing method.

I added a three-dimensional effect to the text on the button with text-shadow. The key to creating a more three-dimensional effect is to use a slightly darker color of the same color as the background color for the text.

See the Pen Soft UI Buttons by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

Metal CSS Buttons

Metal-like CSS buttons.
The point is to set a slightly different tonal gradient.

See the Pen Metal Buttons by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

Jiggly CSS Button

A button with a unique jiggly animation.

You can create this one also with pure CSS.

See the Pen Mochi Animation by Yuhomyan (@yuhomyan) on CodePen.

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